Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow and watercolor spray

I love watercolor! You can paint, drip, drop, dip, and even spray with it!

Today, as we were running out of ideas and the sun was setting we ran outside to paint the snow. I had been thinking about it for a while and chose the colors carefully. We avoided yellow, as to not duplicate the dogs’ art, and red in order to not alarm any pedestrians. Purple, green and blue were our colors of choice. We used watered-down liquid watercolor, but I am sure food coloring would do. 

 We armed ourselves with a couple of pairs of gloves, for comfort and as a backup, but started with our bare hands in order to have more control. We learned that angle and spray style brought different effects.

A long squirt was good for drawing and a short spray good for coloring. We also noticed how the sun brought sparkles to our paintings and talked about shade and light. 

Here are two samples of our work:

Eventually, we grew tired of spraying and noticed some interesting animal prints in the snow. We concluded they belonged to a squirrel.  Then we grabbed big sticks and made lines as we walked, just like Peter in The Snowy Day.

We hope to spray paint snow people next and try out other tools and paints. Can’t wait for the next snowstorm!



  1. Love it and will try it when we get all that snow that is coming. Where do I get liquid watercolor? Thank you for a great idea!

  2. Sra Gosalvez,
    You can find liquid watercolor at Discount School Supply. You can also use food coloring. I hope you enjoy the storm!

  3. I can't wait to try this tomorrow on our snow day! Love the action shot of the artist working.