Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cold days and GLUE!

Creativity can be elusive during the last stretch of New England winter. Glue has become our favorite pass time. I have observed over the years I have worked with children and now with my own, that any collage activity is really all about the glue. So, why not make glue the main character?

I added a few drops of food coloring to four bottles of glue and let her set free. She became one with the glue, and as she often does her art became more of a day at the spa. Once it was out of her system, she experimented with the glue’s properties and enjoyed its 3D quality.

We have also brought out left over collage materials and nature walk treasures. She was eager to see if the rocks would stay on the paper once they dried.

She also loves experimenting with letters and numbers cut out from magazines. (Something I do during the after-hours these days…) Not only do I find these great visually, but hey have brought about great stories. Her name has a baby and a mama for each of the letters. The second one is the story of Dangalili, a 10 year old pirate.

She now wants to have an exhibit. I will have work on the logistics for that!

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