Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bringing Spring In!

We've been itching for some spring flowers, so I couldn't resist bringing these Narcissus home from the grocery store. I put them on the kitchen table and invited Lucia to draw them. Her first response was "I don't know how!" So with a little encouragement, talking about color, shape and the properties of the stems and flowers, this is what she drew:

Most of our art projects are process based, but I have to recognize that I occasionally rejoice in some product aspects. In this case, I just love the simplicity of the drawing and the attention to detail. She carefully counted the petals and gave each flower six, with their own little pile of dirt. While she worked, she was quiet, focused and observant.

Our latest indoors nature activity has been planting grass. We were inspired by an article I read in a magazine at a friend's house. I knew it would be great to grow some green in our home, but also it would be an opportunity for Lucia to get her hands in the soil. (In a recent trip to the zoo she spent the whole time digging in the pots instead of looking at the animals!)

So we put some dirt in a container.

Evened out the soil.

Spread some seeds and added water.

"Plants need soil, sun and water to grow," she stated. So we added water. Lots of water!

Then it was time to PLAY! So we brought over the little plastic animals, the rocks and some bowls and pie pans. The little one went to town and played for a long time, narrating, exploring, patting, digging, baking and distributing... You know, what little kids do when they are left to just be. It was the best part!

Once we were done she confessed liking better the dry soil than the wet soil. With the remaining soil, I decided to make a second grass garden, just in case the first one had a little too much water. Now we are waiting for the grass to grow!

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