Saturday, November 19, 2011

Little Things and a Favorite Fall Book

I should start by sharing that a little bundle has kept me away from the computer for the last month or two... Between the last weeks of pregnancy and the beautiful first weeks of bonding there has been no time or reason to come close. As we settle into our new life, I found a few minutes to write a short post.

With his arrival I have put some thought into creativity and nature for the youngest people: new babies. He has been born into a family that loves the arts. We love music. We all love to sing and even if at times we may not have perfect pitch (especially when sleep deprived), he's been hearing his sister and mama and papa singing non-stop. My husband plays the guitar for him and you can watch him stop to listen. Dancing and the various forms of bouncing have introduced the little one to rhythm out of the womb. For now he cannot see farther than the distance from his eyes to my face as I hold him, but soon he will surrender to looking at lights and contrast, and it will be a good time to introduce black and white art and images. The fun has just begun!

We also have noticed that like the rest of the family, the littlest one has better days when we spend time outside. Getting a little fresh air from walking around the block will help him sleep better and fuss less. He even has made his first trip to the city farm to pick a pumpkin!

As we spend many more hours inside, we have turned to reading with even more fervor than before. Here is one of our favorite fall books.

As all the leaves take flight, one leaf holds on tight... "I'm not ready yet." A beautifully artistic and poetic book portraying the magic of  late fall, as well as a a great way to talk about fears and how challenging taking a leap can be for all of us.

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