Thursday, April 7, 2011

Playing with Grass

We've been having a lot of fun playing with the grass we planted. Many toys have made their way to the trays and provided for much story telling and extensive pretend play and creativity. A few blocks turned into an aquarium. (see above)

The zoo animals were there first ones to discover the grass. The zebra had a field day!

The dinosaurs were a big hit! They really enjoyed eating the grass.


We then moved on to give the grass a little trim and used the cut grass to do some rubbings. We did this just by holding a bunch of grass in between our fingers and firmly rubbing on the paper.

We looked around the house to see what else we could use to experiment with plant rubbings. We found these beautiful carnations. We had predicted we might end up with a red or pink color, but were surprised with the result: purple!

The little one then decided to take the carnation apart and sprinkled the petals around her paper. We decided to get some glue to secure the petals.

And voila! Grass and carnation rubbings with petals - by Lucia.

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