Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cooking and cutting with knives!

Cooking is an art and eating can be one too! My little one LOVES to cook. She gets to spend time with her Papa, who happens to be a great cook and use different ingredients, smell the wonderful scents of the kitchen and use a knife! As for me, I love to see her try all those new foods.

A couple of weeks ago they made soup together. He was SO cautious as he taught her how to use the knife.

As she gained confidence and skill, she got to use it on her own.

They cut the veggies, put them in the pot, and tasted to make sure it was right. And voila! Fabulous home made soup.

So today, I decided to give it a go with something a little more simple: Popsicle smoothies!
She's gotten really good at using the knife. We cut up some mangoes and strawberries...

Threw them in the blender...

And made beautiful yellow and orange fruit popsicles!

And here are some books that inspire us to cook and/or eat! 

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