Thursday, June 30, 2011

Embracing Summer's Arrival

 During the month of June we have spent as much time as possible in nature. We were given a membership to the Mass Audobon Society and started the month with a visit to the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary. As we walked through the woods, meadows and wetlands, we had time to bond as a family, reflect and learn together about nature.  
Quietly the little one listened to the birds' orchestra.
 We got lost in these man-made tunnels and told stories about pirates, treasure hunts and adventures.

We closely examined inch worms, learning to carefully put them back on the grass. And were tempted to catch this gigantic frog!

 We had a close encounter with a beaver, and nearly missed these dear, that were about 6 feet away from us!

We left with a great feeling of expansion, beyond our own thoughts and bodies, in awe of the beautiful natural world in our region.

We have also spent a little time gardening... well, planting some herbs and a tomato plant on our porch. Oh, the joys of urban living!

And in honor of the longest day of the year, we had a wonderful dinner party to celbrate the Summer Solstice. During the days prior we visited the farmer's market and our local farm gathering ingredients for our feast. We enjoyed local fresh garlic, turnips, lettuce and strawberries!

Our little ones closest friend worked hard on this beautiful banner:

We set our lovely patio table, with a tablecloth from Kenya, and filled it with local foods and flowers.

We even enjoyed a Summer Sosltice Beer!

And ended our dinner with these fabulous homemade Strawberry Shortcakes!

We are embracing the long days, and look forward to much time outside, and hope to be inspired and fill our days with Nature, Reflection and Art.

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