Friday, July 15, 2011

Bubble Painting

This week we tried out painting by blowing bubbles. I mixed some dish-washing liquid, water and a little glycerin into small bowls and added about a teaspoon of paint. I found these bubble solution recipes that might come in handy for those who need more accurate proportions... I usually just play it by ear.
I then hunted around the house for any wands or blowers I could find.

We then headed outside with trays and sturdy white construction paper and just started blowing bubbles!
The artists ranged in age, from 4 to 10, and all enjoyed the activity equally.
Some of the wands made bigger bubbles that ended as larger circles on the paper.

While others made smaller bubbles clustered together, filled with color.

The afternoon was filled with wonder and delight, squeaks and laughter, and was the best way to stay cool on a hot and humid day. Next time I hope to try it out with larger cylinders and wands, and see what giant bubbles look like on a large piece of paper.

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